12 signs that a man wants to leave his wife

Marriage is a wonderful experience shared by couples in love, but it also comes with its own challenges. In most cases, the husband starts showing certain signs alien to the wife because he wants to leave the marriage. It is therefore important to know exactly when the love starts growing cold. To help you, here are 12 signs that a man wants to leave his wife.

He avoids arguments

Couples have misunderstandings, they reconcile and their love grows stronger. However, a man on the verge of leaving his wife tends to avoid having arguments with the wife. He no longer sees the need to exert energy on the wife or engage in conversations over her complaints.

Spends little time with you

Spending time together as a couple solidifies your marriage and sustains the marriage. Howbeit, when the husband wants to leave the wife, he starts creating a vacuum by spending little time with her. This separation creates an imaginary wall between the couples and makes them grow further apart.

He has no future plans with you

One of the ways to identify a couple truly in love is the way they are emotionally attached to their partner. A man that wants to leave his wife doesn’t include her in his plans or carry her along. They are no longer connected emotionally, and he sees no reason to include her in a future project of his.

You no longer have sex together

Sex is a very important part of any marriage as a couple shares intimacy through sex. A great marriage can be attributed to the passion couples display during sex. When a man is on the verge of leaving his wife, sex becomes an issue as he’s no longer eager for it. Even when the wife initiates sex, he tends to complain of tiredness, or he does it without passion because he’s no longer attracted to her.

His relationships have changed

You begin to witness a new set of faces and company he keeps. These new relationships don’t really have a relationship with the wife, howbeit, they are the new wave of people that the husband uses to replace the former lifestyle. This opens a way for a new lifestyle as soon as he leaves his wife.

He’s very concerned about his appearance

A man who cheats is a man who is giving the signal that he has found something better and on the verge of walking away. A man who truly loves the wife will not cheat. He overhauls his wardrobe to attract younger women by looking much younger. He spends more on his wardrobe, perfumes, etc.

Your partner has new interests

People marry to spend their lives together. The vows taken on the altar by married couples have no value whatsoever when the husband is already one leg out of the marriage. He cuts himself off from the wife, spends quality time alone engaging in activities that do not include the wife. These are all signs that he’s preparing for life after the marriage.

He keeps his schedule secret

Everything about him becomes a secret, most especially his schedule. All his activities becomes shrouded in secrecy as he shades the wife from knowing his every move. The wife can no longer pinpoint is movements or whereabouts. He doesn’t disclose much and give excuses for places he visits.

He has a strong interest in the couple’s finances

A new lifestyle requires funding outside the matrimonial home. A red flag is when you realize that he’s showing more interest in the finances. This is usually to keep up with the demands of his new-found lifestyle outside the marriage. If care is not taken, the wife becomes stunned at the many expenses which was not incurred for the home.

Spends a lot of time with the kids and without you

Marriage is a place of joy and that’s not the case when the husband shows interest in only the kids. You see him only having time with the kids and intentionally avoid you. The moment he’s no longer interested in bringing the family together, he’s already one leg out of the door.

He’s more concerned with the children’s welfare

Children are the joy of a home. However, the very moment the kids are the only glue holding the marriage together, that’s when the marriage collapses. The man spends more time taking care of the kids and asking about their welfare but never with the wife. This is an effort to alienate her, as a result of his intention to leave her.

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