5 common lies transgender women tell men

Transgender women often tell little lies to men so that they can attract them and make these guys fall in love. Transgender or non-traditional woman, if you’re looking for somebody who will be with your forever – don’t get fooled by the tricks transgender girls use! There are 5 common things transgenders do; this article will explain what is important not too do, no matter how cleverly it may seem like an irresistible offer at first (or any other time).

She does not present herself as a trans woman at first

There are many lies that transgender women tell men, and unfortunately they can be difficult to spot. One lie is she will not present herself as a trans woman at first. This means you might get to know her for weeks or months without ever realizing she doesn’t identify as the gender she was born with. If you find out later on in the relationship it can make you feel lied to and betrayed about who this person really is.

Another common lie is that she has had surgery already when in reality, surgery is expensive and hard to come by so most people have never even considered having surgery because of how much it costs. The third lie may be that all trans women want sex reassignment surgery (SRS) done right away.

A trans woman is jealous like all women

There are many misconceptions in society about trans women. One of the most common, is that they are all jealous and possessive like other woman. The truth is, not all transgender people share these qualities, just as there are no set personality traits for any group of people in the world.

It’s also important to note that jealousy can be a sign of deeper emotional issues which may need to be addressed with professional help. Therefore it’s best to take this attitude with a grain of salt when dealing with someone who might have different needs than you do.

“Tell me everything I’m not going to get mad”

“Tell me everything I’m not going to get mad” is a phrase that many transgender women have heard at least once in their lives. This statement might seem harmless, but it’s actually just one of the five lies that are told by men all over the world to deceive and hurt transgender women.

Did you know that saying this phrase to a transgender woman is actually one of the worst things someone can say to them? It leaves them without any options. If they tell everything, then they might get hurt. But if they don’t tell it all, then men will find out on their own and this will also lead to getting hurt.

“I am only attracted to men”

The lie is that they are only attracted to men. Transgender women have a wide variety of sexual preferences just like any other person and it’s typically not until they’re in a committed relationship with someone, whether it be cis or trans, that they’ll figure out what their own sexuality really consists of. Some may experiment with different genders during this time while others will find themselves drawn more to one gender than the other but either way, there will come a point when these people know who they are sexually and emotionally. In addition, because many people assume transgendered individuals identify as gay or lesbian before figuring out which gender best suits them, some feel pressured into lying about.

It doesn’t matter what men look like

It doesn’t matter what men look like. Men are just a means to an end, and they will never be anything more than that. And if he’s not doing his job well enough, there is always someone else who can do it better.

Transgender women say this lie in order to avoid the pain of rejection and potential violence coming from men who find out they were fooled by a female transgender woman into believing she was biologically born with male genitalia when in reality she was not. This lie tells them that nothing physical matters because it’s all about the person on the inside; when in fact, most people judge others based on their outward appearance first before getting to know them as people on the inside.

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