12 signs that your wife may be cheating on you

Being in a relationship also requires watching out for yourself. While you are expected to show love as much as possible, you should be careful not to get hurt. This means that you have to put on your thinking caps and make sure you are not being played.

As a man, you can do this by looking out for all the signs that could indicate your woman is cheating on you. Let’s go over some of these signs.

She Is Interested in Your Schedule

Women are naturally very careful. They want to cover their tracks and make sure you do not find out they are doing anything bad. However, many of them go the extra mile by being extra careful.

You should observe if your wife is becoming unnecessarily interested in your schedule. Usually, a woman that is all over you will be interested in you spending as much time with her. However, you should get suspicious if she isn’t clingy but very interested in how you spend your day.

She Is Taking Better Care of Herself

The decision to looking better out of the blue should arise suspicion from you. This is especially if you are not at the receiving end of the new attention to her looks.

For instance, when a wife who has never been too crazy about make-ups begins to do this frequently before going out, there may be something she’s hiding from you.

She Is no longer very Available

It is very hard for ladies to have divided attention. They are either in or out of a relationship. This means that a cheating wife will have difficulty keeping up with her emotions around her husband.

She will not be as available as she used to be and there will be no tangible reason for this. Many of these women keep saying things like “I’m tired, it’s nothing…”

She has Strange Secrets

Unfaithful wives are usually very secretive. They do not discuss sensitive information with their husbands any longer. This may be a red flag if you notice your wife has become this way.

She no Longer has the Same Interests as You

More often than not, a cheating wife will be at odds with her husband. This is because of the newfound differences they have. The irony is that she does this even when she doesn’t know it.

She Speaks about a New Friend that You have Never Seen

Cheating wives may have to leave their immediate environment to hand around the person(s), they are cheating with. To cover their tracks, they say they are off to meet a new friend who you have no idea about.

They do this so that their actions will have a sizable amount of truth in case something comes up later.

She no Longer has the Desire to have Sex with You

A cheating wife will not have the desire to have sex with her husband because she is getting it from someone else. She always comes up with excuses anytime you want to go down with her.

Even when she does, there will be clear disinterest. For instance, she may not want to go more rounds. Also, she wouldn’t scream, moan, yell, and show as much excitement during sex.

Spends Less Time with Your Friends and Family

A cheating wife will also not tell on your relationship with friends and family. This is because she will have very limited time to spend with them. She wouldn’t even be very open when you get her time with time.

She Smells Someone Else’s Perfume

Smelling masculine perfume might be nothing more than contact with someone in the office or somewhere else. However, you need to become very observant if it is becoming frequent and one particular kind of masculine perfume.

She Refuses To Kiss You

This is likely to happen when she grows fonder of the person she is having the escapade with. She will be disinterested in showing physical affection for her husband.

You Receive Anonymous Phone Calls on Your Home Phone

Women are often the very suspicious ones. They are always trying to check your phone and all. However, you should be worried if they are the ones trying to play the personal card. Cheating ladies keep their phones locked with passwords and receive anonymous calls quietly.

She Wants To Spend Weekends without You

A cheating wife will not be eager to have her husband around and this also includes the weekends and public holidays. You might want to consider all the red flags if your wife/partner is exhibiting them.

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