My Transgender Cupid Review – Feedback on this Trans dating Website

Meeting transgender people in everyday life is sometimes an obstacle course. These people are sometimes harassed, judged or stigmatized and do not feel free to show who they are in everyday life. This does not make things easier for those who wish to find love or simply meet transgender people.

To more or less compensate for this situation, sites have been created by people who care about equality and respect for all. On these sites, transgender people or simply open-minded people can meet and create links. Some of them are good, others are not so good. Mytransgender Cupid is one of the most popular sites in the transgender community. However, is it a reliable site? What about the reviews? We offer you a feedback on this trans dating site.

My Transgender Cupid

My Transgender Cupid in a few words : Is this dating site made for you ?

My Transgender Cupid is a very special dating site that offers trans people the possibility to meet each other. It is intended for any trans woman or man who wants to meet other people like them. It is a site which does not pose any limit as regards relationship and intimacy. Anyone can register on this site with complete freedom, but respect for everyone is a requirement. Whether you are a trans woman looking for love or a man sincerely interested, this site welcomes you. Indeed, My Transgender has contributed to the meeting of several authentic people looking for friendship or love. The site is therefore open to all open-minded people.

Registration process. Is it easy here ?

My Transgender Cupid registration on the site

If you are interested in meeting trans people, then you should register on this site. Note that it is very easy to make your registration and it does not take much time. To start your relationships with trans men and women, you will first have to give some useful information. This information is important because it guarantees the safety of all members. However, the data is confidential, so you don’t have to worry about anything. The registration process is very simple and is done in a few steps. In a few clicks, you have registered and have access to the members’ profiles.

Target and Community for whom My Transgender Cupid is made

My Transgender Cupid is as the name suggests a dating site for all people identifying as transgender. The platform was created to make it easier for transgender people who are struggling to find each other and find love to meet. It also welcomes non-transgender people, but who want to build a sincere relationship with this community. Transgender is indeed a site open to men and women who accept others and wish to establish a lasting relationship based on respect and trust. It is a melting pot of exchange between mature and consenting adults.

My Transgender Cupid list of members

How to join the community?

In order to meet people on this site, you must first go through the registration process to have access to all the registered people. You will then need to provide a valid email address, a username and an address. Next, you will need to select the gender you are identifying with, i.e. trans man or trans woman. A few more specifications will be asked if you identify as a trans woman, but it’s nothing complicated. You must then :

  • activate your account,
  • fill in your profile,
  • upload some pretty pictures,
  • and make some contacts.

You have just joined the growing community of My Transgender Cupid.

Rates and subscription: How does it work?

The My Transgender Cupid site offers you the possibility to access the site for free or for a fee. However, the site allows transgender women to use all services including all features for free and 100% free of charge. Men can opt for the paid version of the site which offers more features and possibilities. If you want to try the premium version for a month for example, it will cost you about 24.99 USD.

My Transgender Cupid difference between free and paid

You also have the option of a 3-month subscription which costs less: $13.33/month or $39.99 per quarter. It is also possible to make a half-yearly subscription which is even more affordable. Indeed, this last one costs you $11.66/month or $69.99 per semester (for 6 months). Finally, the site also offers a yearly subscription at $8.99/month or $99.99 for the 12 months of the year.

My Transgender Cupid price list

Features and benefits of using My Transgender Cupid

The My Transgender Cupid site offers some very interesting features and benefits that you should definitely check out.

Interface and use of the site

My Transgender Cupid is a very well designed site that is truly user friendly. The platform has been designed with clear and warm colors that immediately put the user at ease. Also, it is easy to browse the pages, as access is not at all complicated. From the very first time, the site is very easy to use! All the options are clearly visible and it is possible to choose the French language, since the site is initially in English. In short, the site has done everything possible to make it instinctive.

My Transgender Cupid and mobile application

My Transgender Cupid offers you endless possibilities in terms of dating. You will find many people who are really interested in transgender dating. For this, you are allowed to register on the website to meet people. Otherwise, you can also download the mobile app to meet Trans people wherever you go. This way, you can always have love at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

How does the dating process work?

On My Transgender, dating is very much possible between members who like each other and want to get to know each other better. New members can look at other members’ profiles, their gender, their photo and check if they are online. However, only premium members can reply to messages or communicate with others. Members can send “likes” to other members if they don’t know how to start a conversation. With the discussions and feelings that come up, they may decide to go further and meet in real life.

Is there a chat room on My Transgender Cupid?

On My Transgender Cupid, there is indeed a chat room for chatting with members and building relationships. So they can communicate through instant messaging, but also chat rooms. Premium members can chat with others one-on-one or create rooms and invite other members to chat. They also have the ability to join chat rooms already created by other members.

User feedback: What’s the general opinion on My Transgender Cupid

My Transgender Cupid love story

The transgender dating platform My Transgender has a lot of positive reviews on the internet. Many of the members find the site well built and easy to use. They really appreciate the different features and especially the private chat rooms. Members also like the site because it matches them with other members based on their geographical proximity. This is quite convenient to make it easier for members to meet each other in case there are any similarities. In general, the site is very successful.

Conclusion : Should I register on My Transgender Cupid

The site is very well thought out and allows trans people to meet without difficulty. It offers very interesting features that make its reputation. If you are interested in this type of dating, then the site is perfect for you! However, if you are a man, you are advised to prefer the premium offer in order to take better advantage of the site to make beautiful meetings. Indeed, for men, you need a financial participation to have access to all the features of the site.

Alternative to My Transgender Cupid what other dating site can you use?

My Transgender is not the only site that promotes trans dating! There are also several others that offer trans people the opportunity to meet love. They are for example sites such as: Ts Dates, My Transsexual Date, Trans Nextdoor. You can also visit other sites like My Ladyboy Cupid, My Ladyboy Date and others. All these sites have their particularity that you can discover by doing research on each of them. You can then choose to register on one of these sites. If this is your first experience with this type of site, then take the time to get the information you need to choose the one that really suits you.

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