MyLadyboyDate Review – Feedback on this Trans dating Website

Dating sites on the Net have become the dating tools par excellence in recent years. People prefer to meet other people who share the same ideals as them via this channel in order to form a community. This is made possible by the emergence of platforms like MyLadyboyDate. Find out how this platform works, how to belong and other useful information that can help you have a good time on it.

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MyLadyboyDate in a few words : Is this dating site for you ?

This dating site allows you to meet a diverse and serious population. MyLadyboyDate is a platform that allows you to live freely and in respect of the rules of confidentiality your sexuality. In a totally responsible way, you will be put in relation with people (men and women) who have transsexual orientations and who assume their sexuality. Thus, for you who espouse this ideology, this community opens its doors to you greatly. The platform allows you to discuss, meet and have a serious relationship with a transsexual person. This platform helps you to find love in a few clicks.

Registration process. Is it easy here?

My Ladyboy Date registration

The registration process on the platform is relatively easy. For the security of your personal data, you are not asked for any confidential information. You have two ways to register on the platform: by using your Facebook account or by using your email address.

In the first case, you will be asked to choose your gender and your country. The other information is collected directly on the social network to complete your profile. In the second case, however, you will be asked to enter :

  • your gender,
  • your country of origin,
  • your date of birth,
  • your email address,
  • and a password.

Once this step is completed, you will have to accept the security contracts binding you to the site by checking your adhesion under the last line of the form. It is still recommended at this point to read them. You will then receive a confirmation link via your email address and you will have completed your registration on the site.

Target and Community for whom MyLadyboyDate is made

The MyLadyboyDate platform is open to all people looking for a serious relationship. The emphasis is on this aspect of things since the accounts are verified to ensure the authenticity of the information registered. If the developers of the platform go to so much trouble, it is to ensure an optimal level of security on the site. Thus, you will mostly meet sincere ladyBoys who are looking for partners for serious and lasting relationships.

Therefore, people looking for a one-night stand or a short-lived relationship are not welcome on this site. Particular emphasis is placed on the sincerity of exchanges between members to ensure a better user experience. If you are an adult who wishes to meet transsexuals for a serious relationship, MyLadyboyDate will be able to meet your needs efficiently.

How to join the community ?

To join this community, you will need to have a user account or create one. Then, you will have to define the profiles of people you want to meet on the platform. However, before that, you will have to pay your subscription fees in order to benefit from all the services of the platform. In addition, you should not forget that you must have a sexual orientation towards transsexual people. Finally, you will obviously need a digital support capable of helping you to connect to the platform in order to access the different services.

Rates and subscription: How does it work ?

At this level, it is important to emphasize that registration on the site is completely free. As soon as you have validated your registration, you get a free account on the platform. This obviously allows you to browse the site to see its overall appearance. However, this free account prevents you from performing certain actions on the site such as visiting candidates’ profiles or interacting with suitors.

My Ladyboy Date member plan

To do so, you will have to pay a one-time subscription fee. There are four different options, all of which are subject to a fee. You have the possibility to subscribe to a one-month premium subscription for a fee of approximately 24.90 euros. The second option is a quarterly subscription for 16.90 euros per month. The third option is a half-yearly subscription for 12.5 euros per month and finally the last option for 8.5 euros per month for one year. The last three options can be paid in one go using different electronic payment methods.

My Ladyboy Date price

Features and benefits of using MyLadyboyDate

Interface and use of the site

The interface of connection is very pleasant and we note the presence of pink and white colors. Moreover, the navigation on the site is very fluid with pages that load quickly and the information that are arranged properly. Switching from one window to another is done in one click and you get the precise information you are looking for in a minimum time.

MyLadyboyDate and mobile application

The only small downside with this platform is the fact that the developers did not think of a mobile application. It is impossible to explain the reasons for such a choice, but it is obvious that a mobile application would also have been a great success if it was available. This is one of the areas that the developers will have to work on.

How does the dating process work?

From the moment you use the platform, you will be asked to like profiles of people you might like. You then have the possibility to leave them a message in order to establish contact. Over the course of the exchanges, you can gain the trust of your interlocutor to the point of organizing a meeting. Obviously, to avoid surprises, it is advisable to take some security measures. One of them is to prefer public places for example or to make several video calls with your contact in order to confirm his identity.

Is there a chat on MyLadyboyDate

To facilitate contact on the platform, a chat system has been set up. This allows to make the first exchanges on the platform and to establish trust. It is an excellent way to discover the person in front and to realize the affinities before considering an evolution of the relations.

My Ladyboy Date tchat

User feedback: What is the general opinion about MyLadyboyDate

Generally speaking, the MyLadyboyDate website offers many advantages that users appreciate. The totally intuitive and very simplistic interface is to the taste of the majority of users. The little plus of this platform is the renewal of subscriptions. On other dating sites, the renewal is automatic and tacit. However, this is not the case with this platform and it is exactly what users dream of. It is also important to note that a work of purification is carried out in order to reduce as much as possible the false accounts on the platform.

My Ladyboy Date love story

Notwithstanding all these positive points, there are still some aspects to improve. These include the relatively long time it takes to validate accounts and the limitation of actions that can be carried out with free accounts. Of course, the security of the platform remains one of its strengths, but the validation time of photos and descriptions dulls the enthusiasm and desire of some users.

Conclusion : Should I register on MyLadyboyDate

If you want to make a nice friendly and romantic encounter with a partner who sees in the same direction as you, then do not hesitate to register. MyLadyboyDate gives you free access to ladyboy profiles so that you can find your soul mate. However, you will have to prove your seriousness and sincerity by paying a subscription that will give you access to all the features of the site. The registration process is done very quickly and in a totally discreet way to guarantee you a minimum of security.

Alternative to MyLadyboyDate : What other dating site can you use ?

If you don’t like the community offered by MyLadyboyDate, there are several other alternatives that are almost identical. Remember that the MyLadyboyDate community is mainly made up of ladyboys and transsexuals. You can choose to explore platforms like: MyTransexualDate, tsDates, My Transgender Cupid, Trans Nextdoor, My Ladyboy Cupid and many others. Some of them even offer mobile applications so that you can stay connected while on the go. Everything is implemented so that you take a maximum of pleasure.

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