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Today, it is difficult for transgender women to find love. This is a real challenge in everyday life, because of the erroneous stereotypes about them. To help this category of women and men who are interested in them, MyTransexualdate was created. This site facilitates the interaction between the people of this community. They can now discuss, meet, build a lasting and sincere relationship.

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MyTransexualDate in a few words: Is this dating site for you?

MyTransexualdate is a platform that facilitates the meeting between transgender, transvestite and transsexual women. Far from the sites that promote the propagation of false prejudices about these women, it represents the very first decent platform for this community. It is not favorable for the libertinage.

If you are looking for a long term relationship, you are in the right place. MyTransexualdate was created by transgender women 8 years ago. It has thousands of members worldwide and receives a panel of visits monthly.

Registration process. Is it easy?

My Transsexual Date registration

Would you like to register on MyTransexualdate? You should know that the procedure is very simple. It is free and only requires the use of your email or Facebook account. Then, with a few clicks, you can enjoy all the benefits. However, for men, if the process is just as easy, they still need to go into premium mode before making encounters.

Target and Community for whom MyTransexualDate is made

MyTransexualDate was created with the goal of fostering relationships in the transgender world. This site wants to be decent and does not promote pornography or libertinage. However, the designers are open-minded enough to understand that desires and relationships vary from person to person.

Therefore, whether you are looking for love, a confidant or a more ephemeral relationship, this platform is dedicated to you. However, respect and seriousness are the first rules of this site. The non-respect of these rules can lead to a restriction of your functionalities.

In addition to having a large community, this platform is available in 7 different languages. This facilitates exchanges all over the world. In addition, an integrated translation system allows you to communicate with women from different countries.

How to join the community?

To join this community, you just have to register. To do so, you need to create your profile. You will be asked for personal information such as your name, gender, email address and status. You should also fill in your date of birth, country and password.

Once you have provided this information, you will receive a confirmation message in your email account. When the confirmation is done, you will have to complete your profile with your photo. The moderators will verify your account before validating it. After this last step, you will have the opportunity to exchange with all those who interest you.

Rates and subscription: How does it work?

The dating site MyTransexualdate offers two formulas in terms of subscription. These are the standard and the premium. In the first case, you will be allowed to publish about twenty photos and communicate with other members. In the second case, you will have no limit as regards photos. In addition, you activate the other functions, namely

  • The opening of conversations
  • Receiving messages
  • Sending messages without any limit
My Transsexual Date member plan

As for men, they are required to pay the premium membership. This allows us to filter out those who only want carnal relationships and who are not sincere in their approach.

Payment can be made by credit card, by PayPal or by e-wallet. Please note that for more security, your credit card information is not kept by the platform.

Features and benefits of using MyTransexualdate

MyTransexualdate has many advantages and features to help you get to know your future partner. With this site, you have the opportunity to send messages to all those who interest you. The meetings are not defined by an algorithm, but you receive suggestions of friends according to your profile and what you are looking for.

MyTransexualdate offers you the possibility to know the visitors of your page. For one reason or another, you can also block an account or certain profiles. Finally, it is possible for you to connect on cell phone or computer.

The biggest advantage is the confidentiality. All the information provided will not be disclosed in any way. Nevertheless, you have the freedom to make public the ones you choose.

When you perform a search, you have every chance of finding the perfect match. It must be said that the members of this site are multiple. Moreover, depending on what you are looking for, you will find profiles that should suit you.

Interface and use of the site

The site is simple and avoids all superfluous features. Thus, you have 3 main functions:

  • Online: which allows you to see those who are connected at the same time as you;
  • Profile : which allows you to consult or modify your profile;
  • Search: allows you to find specific transgender people through various options (status, size, city, etc.).

In addition to these, there are secondary features. The latter allow you to access the parameters, to know your visitors and to have access to your discussions.

MyTransexualdate and mobile application

MyTransexualdate prides itself on being a secure and reliable platform. Once your account is created and opened, you will be able to find love. It is important to know that it is compatible with both tablets and smartphones. Unfortunately, it does not offer you any mobile application. However, MyTransexualdate offers a mobile version that is relatively easy to use on your cell phone.

How does the dating process work?

First of all, you need to register by filling in the required fields. Then, this information is carefully checked. Your account is activated as soon as the moderators judge you to be up to standard. Upload a photo to complete your registration. From then on, you have the possibility to communicate with other members. If you are looking for the same thing, you can schedule a physical meeting to get to know each other better.

Is there a chat room on MyTransexualdate?

Once you have registered on the site, you can chat with the community. This discussion is done by chat. Indeed, MyTransexualdate offers you the possibility to send instant messages, in order to have long and serious discussions.

My Transsexual Date tchat

User feedback: What is the general opinion about MyTransexualDate?

The opinions on this platform are positive. You can find on MyTransexualDate stories of women who have found love. In addition to the comments left on this site, there are external reviews that are also very positive. All members say that this site is very easy to use.

My Transsexual Date story of love

In addition, it does not ask you for money that has not been previously mentioned. No complaints of harassment or scams have been recorded. However, the users all deplore the absence of a mobile application. The opinions are encouraging and positive, to say the least. Moreover, they come from people who have visited and used the site.

Conclusion : Should I register on MyTransexualdate?

It is difficult to find one’s way through the proliferation of dating sites. However, MyTransexualdate remains a safe bet. At first glance, this platform exists and has proven itself for many years. Moreover, the renewal of your subscription is not automatic. No hidden fees, on the contrary, you are warned not to pay for any supposed additional service.

The site has allowed the formation of many couples. Finally, according to the comments left by users, MyTransexualdate is reliable, simple and very interesting.

Alternative to MyTransexualDate what other dating site can you use?

If you don’t choose MyTransexualdate, there are other alternatives for trans women. You have My Transgender Cupid which specializes more in dating than long-term relationships. There is also My Ladyboy Cupid and MyLadyboyDate, which connects transgender people and offers a price almost similar to MyTransexualdate.

You can also opt for Trans Nextdoor which is a platform with a limited community. It uses algorithms to create compatible couples. If you are looking for a site that is a little more libertine, TsDates is ideal. It authorizes the diffusion of adult contents, this site authorizes besides the grouped inscriptions and the contents for adults.

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