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In recent years, dating between transgender people has become much more fluid. This situation is partly due to the applications and online dating sites dedicated to this community. They allow you to choose the profile of partner you want (lesbian, gay, transsexual, bisexual) as well as the nature of your relationship.

Among the diversity of virtual sites that exist, TsDates is one, if not the oldest. Founded in 1996, it offers sex between transgender adults without any taboos. The platform has an organization and features to know to have a good experience. Registration, subscription, strengths of the site, user reviews, we deliver you all the information on TsDates.

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TsDates in a few words: Is this dating site made for you?

Tranny Dates in short TsDates is a platform conceived to support the virtual meeting with the transsexual people. It has approximately 75 million members consisting of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans people. The said members are distributed in all parts of the world.

Thus, the platform offers the possibility to make a targeted search in order to get in touch with the profiles close to you. TsDates is reserved for adults from 18 years old. The average age on the site is 18 to 35 years.

It is necessary to specify it, this site is made for you if you seek a booty call without tomorrow or a sexual partner. You can find the love of your life on a misunderstanding, but it is not the first objective of this crucible of meeting.

Registration process: Is it easy here?

tsdates registration

Registering on this dating platform is an easy process that only takes a handful of minutes. Registration is done directly on the homepage of the site. To do this, go to the official TsDates website. On the right side of the page that appears, you are invited to register by providing some information.

The said information is related to your gender, date of birth, profile preferences and location. Next, you will be asked to provide an email address, a password and a nickname that will serve as your login.

Once you have completed this step, you will receive a confirmation email and can access your tsDates account. The rest of the process will consist of adding a photo, a description of your physique, your sexual orientation, there is nothing very complicated.

Target and community: Who is tsDates for?

TsDates is a site reserved for anyone who wants to have a sexual experience with transgender people in complete freedom. As such, it is open to both men and women whether they are bisexual, gay or trans.

Since there are no taboos on the platform, straight people looking for new experiences can register. Apart from the age limit, there are no restrictions on this dating site.

This dating platform also reserves a place for couples who are looking for unusual adventures to spice up their relationship. So there are singles, married, divorced, widows and widowers, etc.

How to join the community?

The main step to join the TsDates community is to register on the site. From the moment you log in, you have access to the profiles of other registered members. You can then view the photos and videos posted by them.

Another way to become part of the TsDates community is to join the existing discussion groups on the site. They allow the members to exchange on various subjects and to organize naughty encounters.

Finally, you can also exchange by private messaging with the profiles of people who interest you. Private messaging also allows you to send each other daring and erotic multimedia files (photos and videos). It is limited to three messages per day if you use the free option.

Rates and subscription: How does it work?

To have access to the best profiles on TsDates, you must subscribe to a subscription called Gold. For a one month subscription, you have to pay 39,95 euros. If you prefer a quarterly subscription, the monthly fee is 26.95 euros. Finally, the annual subscription is charged at 19.95 euros per month.

tsdates price

It must be said that the quarterly and annual packages are paid in one go. The site accepts various payment methods: cards, checks, etc. In addition, in the absence of the Gold subscription, there are individual credits for specific features.

tsdates member plan

Features and benefits of using tsDates

The TsDates site allows its users to exchange, schedule physical meetings or view photos and videos. The advantage of this site lies mainly in the number of members it has.

This makes it possible to quickly and easily find profiles adapted to one’s desires. The various features such as chats, sex courses, blog and erotic stories add spice to the experience.

Interface and use of the site

The interface of this site is intuitive and easy to learn. The menus are clear enough and guide the user well. From the home page, after logging in, you are plunged into the heart of the matter with the list of several members.

You can access the news of the members and also discover the suggestions of the site for you. It must be said that the use remains free. However, some advanced features are not free and are accessible by subscription.

To have a premium account and discuss with VIP members, you will have to pay about thirty euros per month. The price is decreasing as the duration of the subscription increases.

TsDates and mobile application

In order to facilitate the connection to its members, TsDates has created a mobile application. It is available on Playstore for Android smartphone owners and in the App Store for those who own an iPhone.

The advantage of the app is that you can stay connected anytime, anywhere. You will receive your message, like and other notifications in real time.

How does the dating process work?

To meet your trans sex partner on TsDates, you must first select their profile. Then, using instant messaging, start the discussion and evaluate their level of receptivity. You can send each other nudes to get an idea of what to expect.

If the current passes well, you move on to the exchange of your private coordinates in order to better plan your meeting. On this site, the members all want a booty call so the meetings are concluded very quickly. Even more so when the probability that you live in the same area is high.

Is there a chat room on tsDates?

On the homepage of the platform, there is a tab reserved for live chat between members. When you click on it, you land on a page with a world map. Choose your location to participate in the chat in your area.

tsdates tchat

The private chat of TsDates is a space where members discuss without prohibitions. Between fantasies, exploits and naughty videos, the access of this space is conditioned by the payment of a subscription of about 10 euros/month.

User feedback: What is the general opinion on tsDates?

The users’ opinion on this site is quite positive on the whole. TsDates is one of the best possibilities to find a quick booty call near your home. The free options remain correct and allow to enjoy the site with very fluid interactions.

Also, the presence of such a large community allows you to sleep with people of various profiles. It is a platform that also ensures the security of private data and has a customer service available in case of problems.

However, like all other dating sites, it is not uncommon to come across fake profiles. In case of suspicion, the “block” option is a solution to avoid being tricked. You can also report the profile so that the site administrators can take action.

Finally, the site has no method to verify the age of users. This is a loophole that minors can exploit to satisfy their curiosity and more.

Conclusion: Should I register with tsDates?

According to users’ opinions, TsDates remains a dating site for transsexuals to recommend. Despite its age, it meets the needs of a current audience. It is one of the best places to find a casual sex partner.

The good thing is that the majority of the members are in this dynamic. They just want to have a good time and get laid with a transgender without any headaches. Moreover, unpleasant surprises are very rare.

Also, with the internal search engine, you can filter your search. You also have options like penis size, chest size, preferred positions, etc. In view of all this, there is no need to go there to find your soul mate.

Alternatives to tsDates: What other dating site can you use?

If you are not convinced by the TsDates platform or wish to have other experiences, there are obviously other sites you can use, the closest of which is Trans Nextdoor. They each have their own particularity, but they all have in common the meeting, often sexual, with transgender people.

Therefore, whether it is a long term relationship, MyTransexualDate and MyLadyboyDate will satisfy you. You can also find your happiness on My Transgender Cupid or My Ladyboy Cupid.

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