What you should know before dating a transsexual woman !

Dating today can be a very challenging experience. The hustle and bustle that come with contemporary life makes finding someone special a tough task. Hitherto, finding a transsexual woman you want to date is a huge step in the right direction. She’s brilliant, beautiful, sexy and an intelligent woman with a mind of her own. If you want to date a transsexual woman, it is important your intentions are clear and sincere.

Understanding what transsexuality is

Dating a transsexual woman without understanding what transsexuality means is not a good move. Better not to jump straight into dating a transsexual woman only to jump out. It is advisable to have a clear understanding of what transsexuality means, so you know what you’re getting into and who you are dating.

A little research will do you good. You can go as much as using Google search to find out more or have a discussion with a medical personnel if you don’t have enough information on transsexuality. As lack of understanding can undermine the success of the dating experience.

Meeting a transsexual woman does not make you gay

Being gay is the new cool, but dating a transsexual woman does not in any way make you gay or even look gay. Love does not ask questions or question one’s sexual orientation or gender. Love is pure, pristine and unconditional. Everybody is special, beautiful and awesome and a transsexual woman is nothing short of that.

She’s a woman like every other woman and dating her is an experience that should fill your life with love, fun and joy. If you’re too focused on what people will say about you, you will not live the experience to its fullest. Be proud of her, be confident to spend time with her outdoors too, whether in the bar, restaurant, park, family gathering, etc.

Don’t be too fixated on her transition

A transsexual woman needs all the support she can get from you. You should treat her as a special lady, pamper her with love and comfort her with warm hugs. It is a bad idea when you spend a lot of time focusing on her transition. She’s no different from other women, and you’re not coming into her life to make her feel insecure but confident of herself.

Too many questions on her transition will make conversations unhealthy, bland and strenuous. It is better to avoid it outrightly or even have minimal questions or discussions about it. There is no doubt, it will make her feel uncomfortable, and it’s best to avoid that.

Instead, you can make her laugh more, put a smile on her face by letting her know how beautiful she is and how lucky you are to have her as your lover. Be romantic, be sweet, be supportive and especially, don’t be fixated on her transition.

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