Can you remake your life with your first love ?

I would rather spend one lifetime with you than face all ages of this world alone. JRR Tolkien.

Life gives us different experiences. Our first time driving a car, taking alcohol, going to school, but our first love holds a special place in our heart. It shapes a whole life and gives a kind of feeling that no one else will ever give or understand. The question is: can you remake your life with your first love?

Why reconnect with your First Love?

The feeling your first love gives is one of the most memorable ones you will ever experience. This memory never dies because they live with you forever. Our first love defines a pivotal moment in our life, they are the love of our youth, our first and real taste of undiluted love. This love not only defines our love life but also stay with us.

Finding friendship and love in the same person is a kind of bond that doesn’t just stay for a while, but for a lifetime. The smile in their eyes, the kiss from their lovely lips, the tenderness of their voice from eye phone call is a beautiful memory time cannot take away.

Wanting to relive this experience can happen because that feeling makes you remember your young days. Our first love brought a part of us we never realized was within us; boosted our confidence, held our hands in support to navigate the pressure that comes with our youth. Regardless of who we are, the best part of our lives were the ones we shared with our first love and that’s why you should think of reconnecting with it.

How to Bring Back your First Love?

There’s a connection that exists between you and your first love and nothing can dislodge that feeling. However, reconnecting with your first love may require patience, efforts and honesty. You have to resurrect that connection by going back to memory lane in order to refresh your first love’s affection and passion for you.

You must be able to let them know why you want them back. If they left because of your negligence or how you treated them, they need to know your intentions are genuine, and you truly want to spend the rest of your life with them. Also, you need to recognize they need time to make their decision. Send flowers, gifts and do things that touch their soft spot.

The Right Ways to Relive with your First Love

Spending quality time together is one of the best ways to relive the beautiful memories shared with your first love. The moment shared will regurgitate latent feelings and reconnect both of you like days of old. Also, visit those places and intimate spots, you shared intimate and memorable moments.

These places will recreate the bond you’ve shared and exhume the passion you once felt. Memories can be triggered by taking a trip down memory lane. Revoke the beautiful laughter, let them feel anew again. Take your first love out on dinner dates, watch love movies and go on picnics. These gestures will not only relive your love but rekindle your passion for each other.

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