My LadyBoy Cupid Review – Feedback on this Trans dating Website

Sexual orientation issues are still very sensitive in our society. Approaching a transgender person in the street can be embarrassing, because of all the stares around. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to contact transgender people is through dating sites. These sites have become commonplace on the web, each with different objectives. Among them, we find the site My LadyBoy Cupid which gathers transsexual men from several countries. For whom is this site intended? How does it work? What do the users say about it? So many questions that deserve to be clarified in order to present this trans dating site in detail.

My Ladyboy Cupid

My LadyBoy Cupid in a few words: Is this dating site for you?

My LadyBoy Cupid is a platform created in 2015 to promote contact between transgender women and men. It is a site on which all natures of history are allowed. Thus, you are welcome there, whether you are looking for an adventure or a flirtation with a transgender man.

It is not forbidden to make friends with the members of the site. However, the site particularly encourages long-term relationships between its members. The administrators do not hesitate to highlight married or engaged couples who have met through the platform.

Registration process: Is it easy here?

My Ladyboy Cupid registration on the site

Registering on My LadyBoy Cupid is a breeze when you know how to do it. Once you are on the site’s interface, click on the “register for free” tab. A dialog page will appear. You must then fill in the following information:

  • your gender of course,
  • your date of birth (the site is reserved for adults only),
  • your country of residence,
  • your pseudonym,
  • your e-mail address and finally,
  • your password.

When you have filled all these fields, validate your registration and wait. The administrators will verify your email address before validating your account. You will then have to mention your preferences, add a description and upload a profile picture.

As for the description, it must be succinct and highlight your qualities. You can however add a few quotes if needed. To maximize your chances of finding a partner, the photo you should add should be clear and sharp.

The latter will be checked by the site’s managers before being authorized for posting. As soon as you pass all these steps, you can access the profiles of other members of the site.

Who is My LadyBoy Cupid aimed at?

My LadyBoy Cupid is open to all people who identify with the LGBT community. The site does not exclude anyone. However, heterosexuals can also register. The key is to have the goal of healthy relationships with transgender people.

However, in terms of geographic presence, the site has some limitations. Some locations are not accepted when registering, which limits the number of users. If you move to a location other than your own, you may not find transgender people nearby to have a good time.

How to join the community?

To join the My LadyBoy Cupid community, you need to register legally on the site and get approval from the administrators. Then you can filter the profile searches according to your criteria. The site offers you to search for members by gender, age or by displaying only their profile picture.

If you want a quick meeting, you can also decide to display only the people online at the same time as you. There are also private chats, group chats and cupid’s games that allow you to integrate into the community.

Rates and subscription: How does it work?

On My LadyBoy Cupid, only the registration is free for everyone. It gives you the right to consult the members’ profiles and to post your profile. It should be noted that all the services of the site remain free exclusively for transsexual women.

My Ladyboy Cupid difference between free and paid

Registrarse en My LadyBoy Cupid es muy fácil si sabes cómo hacerlo. Una vez que esté en la interfaz del sitio, haga clic en la pestaña “Registro gratuito”. Aparecerá una página de diálogo. A continuación, debe rellenar la siguiente información:

  • su género, por supuesto,
  • su fecha de nacimiento (el sitio es sólo para adultos),
  • su país de residencia,
  • su seudónimo,
  • su dirección de correo electrónico y, por último,
  • su contraseña.

Cuando haya rellenado todos estos campos, valide su inscripción y espere. Los administradores verificarán su dirección de correo electrónico antes de validar su cuenta. A continuación, tendrá que mencionar sus preferencias, añadir una descripción y subir una foto de perfil.

En cuanto a la descripción, debe ser sucinta y destacar sus cualidades. Sin embargo, puede añadir algunas citas cortas si es necesario. Para maximizar tus posibilidades de encontrar pareja, la foto que debes añadir debe ser clara y nítida.

Estas últimas serán revisadas por los administradores del sitio antes de ser autorizadas para su publicación. En cuanto superes todos estos pasos, podrás acceder a los perfiles de otros miembros del sitio.

¿Para quién es My LadyBoy Cupid?

My LadyBoy Cupid está abierto a cualquier persona que se identifique con la comunidad LGBT. El sitio no excluye a nadie. Sin embargo, los heterosexuales también pueden inscribirse. La clave es tener como objetivo una relación sana con las personas transgénero.

Sin embargo, el sitio tiene algunas limitaciones en términos de presencia geográfica. Algunos lugares no se aceptan al registrarse, lo que limita el número de usuarios. Si te trasladas a un lugar distinto al tuyo, es posible que no encuentres personas transgénero cerca para pasarlo bien.

¿Cómo unirse a la comunidad?

Para unirse a la comunidad de My LadyBoy Cupid, es necesario registrarse legalmente en el sitio y obtener la aprobación de los administradores. A continuación, puede filtrar las búsquedas de perfiles según sus criterios. El sitio te ofrece la posibilidad de buscar miembros por género, edad o mostrando sólo su foto de perfil.

Si quieres una reunión rápida, también puedes decidir mostrar sólo a las personas que estén conectadas al mismo tiempo que tú. También hay chats privados, chats de grupo y juegos de cupido para integrarse en la comunidad.

Tarifas y abono: ¿Cómo funciona?

En My LadyBoy Cupid, sólo el registro es gratuito para todos. Te da derecho a consultar los perfiles de los miembros y a publicar tu perfil. Cabe señalar que todos los servicios del sitio siguen siendo gratuitos exclusivamente para las mujeres transexuales.

My Ladyboy Cupid difference between free and paid

For the rest, enjoying all the features is conditioned by the payment of a subscription. It amounts to 24.99 dollars for the monthly formula and 13.33 dollars per month if you take a quarterly package.

My Ladyboy Cupid price list

If you take out a 6-month or 1-year block subscription, you will pay $11.66 or $8.33 per month respectively. Moreover, unlike other sites, there is no systematic renewal of your subscription. Your finances are therefore more secure.

Features and benefits of using My LadyBoy Cupid

On My LadyBoy Cupid, the quality of the features is privileged compared to their quantity. Overall, they are summarized in the discussions between the members and the cupid games. The latter allow interested profiles to send love to each other while waiting for messages to be exchanged. Also, in case of undesirable or suspected fake profiles, it is possible to report or block them.

My Ladyboy Cupid list of members

Interface and use of the site

The interface of My LadyBoy Cupid is intuitive and without fuss. The information mentioned is clear and understandable for everyone. The images on the homepage are also sober and do not risk to offend the sensitivity of the visitors.

As far as the use is concerned, it remains just as easy. The members’ profiles are well secured and are only visible to people registered on the site. In case of problems, a contact space is reserved to exchange with the administrators.

My LadyBoy Cupid and mobile application

This dating site for transsexuals remains accessible via search engines. It is important to specify that this platform does not have its own mobile application. Nevertheless, the interface is designed to adapt to the dimensions of any device.

Therefore, you can access it on your computer, your mac book, your tablet or on your smartphone. There is no risk of display distortion and the functionality remains the same.

How does the dating process work?

My LadyBoy Cupid’s objective is to promote interactions between people registered on its platform. Therefore, the site is not authorized to organize physical meetings between its members. However, you can send a private message to a profile that you find interesting.

If he is receptive to your word, he will answer you in return. As the discussions progress, you can exchange personal contacts in order to plan your meeting outside the site. For one-night stands, discussions are quickly conclusive if both parties have the same goal or the same logic.

Is there a chat room on My LadyBoy Cupid?

The only channel of discussion on this site remains the private messages. They can be sent between two or more people. However, the live chat option is not available on this site.

Users feedback: What is the general opinion about My LadyBoy Cupid?

The seriousness and professionalism of a site are judged through several factors including user feedback. From an overall point of view, My LadyBoyCupidreceives rather positive and even complimentary reviews. Most users appreciate the efforts made to limit the presence of fake profiles on the site. Also, the quality of the services remains very good with a diversity of ladyboy origins.

My Ladyboy Cupid love story

Members particularly appreciate the manual renewal of subscriptions. Credit cards are more secure, even if they deplore the lack of an anonymous payment method. Among other things, the development of a mobile application would facilitate the use of this dating site.

Conclusion: Should I register on My LadyBoy Cupid?

Considering the services offered by the site and the feedback from users, we can only recommend this platform. It is secure, reliable and protects its members from some of the abuses found on other sites. Moreover, it is very easy to learn and use.

Also, My LadyBoyCupid has quite affordable rates for the quality of services it offers. More interestingly, the site satisfies everyone as there is no one type of relationship that is required.

In any case, no matter what kind of relationship you want with a lady boy, this site will satisfy you far beyond your expectations sometimes.

Alternatives to My LadyBoy Cupid, what other dating site can you use?

It can happen that some users are not convinced by the services of My LadyBoy Cupid. It is also not uncommon for others to want to explore other sites of the same ilk in order to have a maximum of choice. If you fall into one of these categories, there are several other options available to you.

You can register on other platforms such as: MyTransexualDate, MyLadyBoyDate, TsDates, My Transgender Cupid, Trans Nextdoor. These are all sites dedicated to all kinds of encounters with transgender people. Without a doubt, you will find the one that suits you best.

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