My Transsexual Date Changes Its Name To My Transgender Date !

In 2021, the site My Transsexual Date of which we made a beautiful opinion changed name and passed to My Transgender Date. Many Internet users were surprised by this sudden change. What are the reasons that pushed the creators of the site to opt for a new name?

How did the site come to My Transgender Date?

When the site first launched in 2013, the creators had chosen the name My Ladyboy Date. It was reserved only for “trans” people who find themselves on the Asian continent. At some point, the site wanted to expand its services to include new people.

Having a name that relates to the Asian continent, the site could not cross this region of the world. A change of name was necessary and the creators opted for My Transsexual Date.

Before choosing My Transsexual Date, “Transsexual” and “transgender” were the subject of great debate. For the designers, “transgender” was much more used in Europe while in Latin America it was not.

The huge trans population of Latin America used “transsexual” more than “transgender”. Note that “transgender” is spelled with one “s” instead of two. In order to include this area of great potential “trans”, the designers opted for “transsexual”.

My Transgender Date new home
The new homepage of My Transgender Date

From My Transsexual Date to My Transgender Date

Over time, the “trans” population has evolved and many changes have occurred. Some very remarkable personalities started by joining the movement.

For example, Caitlyn Marie Jenner, a “trans woman” and American media personality. This shows how much pride “trans people” are showing. Even in the most recognized films and series, they find their place and assume their role perfectly.

In 2021, gender theory has come back in power with much more reasonable beliefs and policies. It is in fact in this year that the expression “transgender” has become more widely known and has thus overtaken “transsexual”.

The preference of “transgender” has caused the loss of consideration among the users of the site. Moreover, some people consider it unpleasant. It was then necessary to follow the new trend and change the name of the site.

On the other hand, the designers of the site took into consideration the feelings of their users. It is in this context that the program of renaming the site was set in motion to end up with My Transgender Date. Everything was decided taking into account the trend.

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